Line 6 Pocket POD Express

Výrobca: LINE 6
Katalógové číslo: Pocket POD Express
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Pocket POD® Express provides legendary sounds for guitar without the need for an amplifier. This guitar multi effects processor features five historic amp models, six stunning effects, an accurate built-in tuner, and essential ins and outs.

Get crystalline clean tones, scorching high-gain distortions and more from Pocket POD Express. It boasts five must-have amp models based on* historic amplifiers including Fender® Deluxe Reverb®, Vox® AC30 Top Boost, Marshall® JCM 800, Mesa/Boogie® Dual Rectifier® and Fender® Twin Reverb®. These are the very same tones that can be found in POD® 2.0, the award-winning studio-standard!

Pocket POD Express provides six stunning guitar effects including Chorus, Tremolo, Flange, Delay, Spring Reverb and Hall Reverb. Each effect and amp model is fully adjustable to provide a variety of extraordinary tone combinations.

Built for versatility, Pocket POD Express features a variety of essential inputs and outputs. It offers a 1/4-inch guitar input, a 1/4-inch “to amp” output, a 1/8-inch headphone output and a 1/8-inch CD/MP3 input perfect for jamming with your favorite songs. It also features a belt clip ideal for guitarists on the go.

Pocket POD Express is powered by four AAA batteries (included) or DC-1 power supply (optional).



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